STUFF: About the Book


Explore the brilliant, bold designs and intriguing collections in the beautiful interiors of author Carey Maloney, his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, and their firm, M (Group), in this one-of-a-kind interactive compendium.

STUFF invites the reader inside the homes of impassioned collectors, detailing the wide variety of art and objects that go into the creation of M(Group)’s complex, richly layered, and beautifully orchestrated interiors.

An extensive and always expanding website allows readers to delve deeply into 40 captivating Topics, expanding the scope of the printed book to include cyber links to the world’s great museum collections, the most important dealers, the most illuminating research resources, and some simply fun and funny links.

Hear iconic American painter Georgia O’Keeffe describe her work, take a virtual tour of an Indian temple, or learn about the tragedy of the illegal ivory trade.

Have fun - and learn something.